Taneez began as a small retail outlet in Park Tower Mall in Karachi in 2000. The idea was to contemporize brass crafts in shape and design, making the craft useable and decorative. Brass objects were then dipped into pure silver and plated and given a coating of lacquer to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Packing was an important feature and so the black and silver box with its distinctive tassel was added, giving the customer the least amount of trouble in its care and presentation.

The silversmithing craft is over 3000 years old and Taneez is an integral part of preserving this tradition in Pakistan. Most of the craftsmen are from the subcontinent and they and their descendants are continuing the tradition handed down to them.

Eighteen years later, Taneez is a household name and has become a limited company with a staff of 30 persons from the two, originally at its inception.
The founder ZS Ahmad is also the designer and at least ten new designs are produced each month. Over a thousand designs are available at affordable prices starting from Rs.1000 to 200,000. Our customers range from housewives, tourists, to corporate, diplomats, multinational company, and government institutions. Corporate gifts are also used by exporters and international businesspeople to showcase the talent and ingenuity available in Pakistan.

We have seven retail outlets and are planning significantly expand in Pakistan both in retail and online. Sterling silver gifts as in jewellery with semi precious gems and home or office accessories have also been added. Made to order and engraving are also some of the services provided.

The company was founded by Mrs. Zeenat Saeed Ahmad and is now run by her son Adnan Ahmad.

Despite the fact that our products are handcrafted, we are able to produce a the quantities required to run a nationwide chain of Made in Pakistan products, and manage to maintain our quality and innovative designs. The Pakistan Govt and security services are some of the main customers of Taneez.

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