What is Taneez?

  • Taneez is a Pakistani brand for household and gift items having a modern design concept using traditional hand crafted methods.
  • We also sell jewelry with a silver theme.
  • We have seven outlets in Pakistan.

What are your products made from?

  • Our crafts are made from #1 quality metal and then electroplated with real silver to give them a beautiful finish. We additionally use chemical lacquer to seal in the silver from tarnish effects.
  • Our jewelry is usually (unless we say otherwise) made from silver or silver plated metal and semi precious stones.
  • We have genuine 100% silver items as well but only for exceptional items as the cost is beyond what many can afford.

What is electroplating?

  • Electroplating is when the metal is put into liquid bath with pure silver and then electric current is passed through water causing the silver to bond with the brass.

Where are the products made?

  • They are made by Pakistani artisans.

Does your product go black?

  • Yes, silver slowly greys and it has been the charm of the product over the ages. To slow the process we use lacquer but lacquer also prevents silver polish upkeep. For certain products we can provide silver without lacquer.
  • Tarnishing has historically been a positive identification for Silver metal.
  • We make no claim that the product lasts forever, just as a beautiful bouquet of flowers has a life, so do our products.

Do you polish items old items?

  • Yes we do, if bought from us.
    • If you require a polish within two years of purchasing the product and you have the receipt (and no signs of misuse), we have the following policy
      • Rs. 1 per gram. The entire piece is acid stripped and buffed to remove the lacquer and silver and the entire process is done again. The piece becomes like new.
      • If you require polish after two years and it can be proven to be a Taneez piece then we charge Rs 5 per gram. The entire piece is acid stripped and buffed to remove the lacquer and silver and the entire process is done again. In the case of very old pieces with rust or decay of the metal we cannot guarantee a full refurbishment.
  • Lacquered items cannot be polished at home. We can provide you special order products without lacquer which you can polish using silver polish on a regular basis.

Why are your pieces so expensive?

  • They are not expensive. Our products are individually designed and hand crafted and presented to you in beautiful gift packing at convenient retail locations.

Can we put water or food on your pieces?

  • Our pieces are made for special occasions and will not be able to withstand rigorous washing and scrubbing. Gentle use and wiping with a wet cloth will result in the longest life.

Are your stones real?

  • Yes, they are semi precious stones, some jewelry stones like Zircons are artificial
  • Are your stones imported?
    • On craft no, on jewelry yes, they come from different parts of the world.

Why don’t you have more selection?

  • We have thousands of items and you can search our website ​www.taneez.com  for a full range.
  • Any shop or kiosk has best selling items for that area but we keep changing products.
  • Please feel free to send us a mail at ​info@taneez.com​ if you are dissatisfied.

Do you do engraving?

  • We do but it has to be done before production so pieces are required for special order. It will take 2-4 weeks depending on the item.

Why should I buy Taneez?

  • Gifts from Taneez are well known, recognized and appreciated
  • If returns are required we give a gift receipt which can be returned to any of our seven shops within 30 days.
  • We introduce new designs and styles on regular basis.
  • Our brand is a major Pakistan brand for weddings, birthdays, baby arrivals as well as business and event gifts.
  • Our products are recognized globally with individuals, businesses and the Pakistan Govt using our products for event gifts globally.

What can cause the product to deteriorate faster?

  • Tarnishing gases may originate from the following sources
      • Clays (e.g. certain modelling clays)
      • Drywall (poor quality)
      • Foods (certain ones such as eggs)
      • Glues (protein-based)
      • Heating fuel (especially coal-based)
      • Paints (certain ones)
      • People (intestinal gas emissions containing hydrogen sulfide)
      • Plaster casts (made with gypsum)
      • Pulp-and-paper industries
      • Sewer gases
      • Sulfur (elemental sulfur), sometimes used for:
      • Adhesives
      • Cement
      • Grout
      • Inlays in furniture
      • Munitions
      • Volcanoes and hot springs
      • Vulcanized rubber objects such as:
      • Ebonite
      • Latex gloves
      • Molding material (polysulfide rubber)
      • Pencil erasers
      • Rubber bands
      • Rubber gloves
      • Rubber o-rings
      • Rubber stoppers
      • Vulcanite
      • Water (some natural well water and bogs)
      • Wood (recovered from anaerobic environments)
      • Wool, wool felt