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Add modern and elegance to your luxury home or office with this delightful bowl. Made at Taneez by artisans, this bowl has been silver plated by hand. A cut-out technique was used to give this unique design.  Functional and can be used in many ways, for instance, to serve nuts or after dinner mints, hold aromatic potpourri or even small trinkets. The shimmering tone and contemporary style are sure to catch the eyes of family and friends. The Beehive Bowl is also the perfect gift for family and friends on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries weddings or any joyous occasion.


Here is another elegant piece created by Taneez.  Beautifully silver plated and made in Pakistan by dedicated craftsman, this statement piece is made to look like a sanctuary of graceful butterflies. Each of them cut out and detailed by hand to make them look delicate and stylish.   The Butterfly Fruit Bowl can be used for fresh fruits of just on its own as decor and be placed on a table in any luxury home or office. It will instantly complement your interior design with a touch of exquisiteness. It is the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a wedding, birthday, anniversary or mother’s day.


Here is another elegant piece created by Taneez. Beautifully silver plated and made in Pakistan by dedicated craftsman, this statement


The inspiration for making this bowl came from ancient Cyprus. This cutwork is also called Lefkaritik and it is a


There are many unique items in the collection at Taneez, which can only be created by the most experienced craftsman.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out and this all comes together in this statement piece. Solid brass was selected and silver plated by hand. A cut-out method was used to create this sophisticated bowl with rounded feet. As finishing touch fine lines accentuated the design. For prevention of oxidation and tarnishing a coat of lacquer is applied. This bowl is an excellent gift idea for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or even for a corporate gift.


It takes lots of experience to turn a simple day-to-day item into something extraordinary. The craftsmen at Taneez learned those