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This elegant bowl is made with high-quality brass and silver plated by artisanal craftsmen, who made this into a unique


This is a delicate and charming silver plated bowl. Pakistani craftsmen made this into a unique and beautiful piece with


Pakistani artisans have created this bowl by using solid quality brass and silver plated it by hand. To create this unusual vintage look a delicate hammering method was used in combination with etching to add luxurious details. The Maham Bowl is such a unique piece that it can be placed in many areas in a luxury home or executive office. It is a true statement piece that can inspire an interesting conversation with family or friends.  And no need to look any further for an excellent gift idea for a wedding, anniversary, birthday and even a unique corporate give away gift.


Why not elevate a family or friends get together by using Silverware by Taneez. Here is an elegant bowl that is sure to spark a conversation. Made by Pakistani craftsmen that have created this piece by selecting quality brass to be silver-plated. The Parrot bowl has a unique hammered pattern.  And as the name already suggests a cute parrot is watching everything from the side. For added protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. It is the perfect gift idea for any joyful occasion like a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or for a mother’s day.


At Taneez, Pakistani artisans have found the way by using ancient old silverware artisanal techniques to create some of the most beautiful and luxurious products. The Faryal Bowl is made with solid quality brass that has been silver plated by hand. It has a modern yet classic design which can be used as décor in any luxury home.  The bowl is very versatile and is perfect for serving delicious snacks for guests or to hold some scented potpourri to enhance the house with a flowery aroma. And it will also make for an excellent gift idea for any occasion or for corporate give away.  


This bowl has an elegant and romantic design. It is hand made by Pakistani craftsmen whom have used the silversmithing art that has been handed down for generations to create the Faraz Cutwork Bowl. The basin is silver hammered to give it a fashionable look and a generous edge surrounds the bowl with charming cut out heart design. As finishing touch rounded feet where added to elevate the bowl to grandeur. This makes it an elegant addition to a table setting for at a wedding. And will be an excellent gift idea for a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, mother’s day or any joyful occasion.


The idea for making this bowl came from ancient Cyprus. Well known for its intricate embroidery art, Pakistani craftsmen took that inspiration to create this exquisite bowl. Made with gorgeous detailing all around and an intricate rounded edge has been added. The Cyprus Cutwork Bowl had delicate feet to give it an elegant look. At the Taneez collection, there is a Cyprus Cutwork Bowl that is larger and together they would make a perfect combination. Placed on a center table or on a desk in an office, wherever this bowl is displayed, it will instantly add luxury to its surroundings.


At Taneez, Pakistani artisans created this bowl by using solid brass and silver plating it by hand. The Ayaan bowl is made to look like a gracious flower open facing the sun. It has fine detailing and as finishing touch rounded feet were added to elevate this beautiful bowl. It has a simple yet elegant design that will make an ideal bowl for serving snacks to your guest. Can also be used to hold little trinkets or as a decorative candy bowl. With so many possibilities, this will be a perfect gift idea to be used in any luxury interior.


When hosting a delightful dinner for family or friends why not elevate the experience by using Taneez silverware to enhance


At Taneez, specially selected Pakistani craftsmen created this delightful silver plated bowl. The piece is made by hand using different techniques that have been handed down via generations of silversmiths. The bowl is elegantly detailed and it resembles a flower. It will invite compliment from family and friends when serving delicious snacks at any gathering. Or it can be used to display potpourri to fill the air with flowery scents. When placed in a home or office, luxury is added instantly. The Noreen bowl will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a birthday, mother’s day, a wedding or an anniversary.