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The concept at Taneez is to contemporize the silversmithing art in shape and design to make usable and decorative luxury items. Pakistani craftsmen have silver plated solid quality brass to create stunning pieces. This Sabir Sauce Bowl is formed into a teardrop shape with exquisite detailing inside and out. The shape will make it easy to serve any delicious sauce that you have to offer. And handle has a unique shape, elegantly curled up. For protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. This is a perfect gift idea and this bowl will add richness to any beautiful home.


The Pakistani artisans at Taneez have learned the silversmithing art from the many generations before them. All these skills were used to create this stunning Saida Swan Bowl. For the inner part, solid quality brass was selected next silver plated by hand. The basin is part of the swan itself, elegantly nestled in her feathers. A protective layer of lacquer was applied to prevent tarnishing or oxidation. The bowl can be used at a romantic wedding table or at a delicious dinner. It can hold elegant candles or fragrant rose petals. And perfect for a gift at any joyful occasion.


There is a lot of expertise that goes into creating a tabletop decoration that really stands out. The Pakistani artisans at Taneez have that superior craftsmanship to enable them to design and make such an exquisite piece. It is made with quality solid brass that has been skillfully silver plated by hand. The Shabila Bowl looks like an arrangement of autumn leaves all intertwined making this nice sized bowl. With beautiful detailing and cut out techniques, it will dazzle anybody that sees this. It can be used as a fruit bowl or as a decorative statement piece and always adding opulence to the home.


When hosting a delightful dinner for family or friends why not elevate the experience by using Taneez silverware? By using the Shahi Sauce Bowl it will add luxury to any gathering. Made by artisans using techniques handed down for generations. With the bowl, a hammering craft was used to give it a modern yet vintage look. The handle is uniquely circled. And for protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. It also will make a thoughtful gift idea for any birthday, a wedding or mother’s day or just a present for yourself, you deserve it!


The heart of Taneez is the idea to contemporize silverware in shape and design to make the craft usable and


Specially selected Pakistani craftsmen created this delightful bowl. It was made by hand using different techniques handed down via generations


The Pakistani artisans at Taneez have what it take to be able to create something so elegant and useful. They


Nothing can dispute this elegance and mere grace of this bowl. It was made by Pakistani artisans while using ancient old techniques that have been handed down generations.  Quality brass was carefully selected to be silver plated by hand. For this Suzi Bowl Small, pure simplicity makes this piece stand out. To accentuate its true beauty semi-precious stones called Lapis Lazuli was added in the heart of two flowers. A gemstone beloved by many artists for its intense blue color. And it is an impressive and unforgettable gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any joyful occasion.


This elegant bowl is made with high-quality brass and silver plated by artisanal craftsmen, who made this into a unique