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$ 33
Pakistani craftsmen have created this unique contemporary candle holder.  Using the silversmithing art that has been handed down for generations they have designed this exclusive piece. The Aida Tealight has a base in the middle that can hold a candle. This is all surrounded by delicately detailed leaves that seem to try to hug the light. It is elegant with an accent on the design that makes it the perfect piece to display throughout the luxury home.  And it will be an excellent choice for a gift for family and friends on any joyful occasion or for a corporate give away.


$ 36
The skills and creativity needed to design this unique Aisha Candle Holder can be found at Taneez and their Pakistani


$ 90
There is quite a lot that goes into making a wall decoration really stand out. It has to be unique and beautifully made, with a certain charm that only superior craftsmanship can bring out. This silver decorative Branch Candle Stand perfectly embodies all these.  Intertwining branches adorned with exquisitely detailed leaves, this piece will leave you breathless. There is a base to put an elegant candle. It will add luxury instantly in an area where it is hung whether it is in a home or office. And this will be an excellent gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or for mother’s day.


$ 40
The finest craftsmanship and the most modern design ideas are at the heart of all Taneez products.  For this piece, a symmetrical pattern was applied to achieve a unique yet elegant look. The Butterfly Candle Holder is made with solid brass that has been silver plated by Pakistani artisans. The bowl has been finely detailed and by using cut out techniques butterflies where added. Surrounding this exquisite piece are additional butterflies adorning the bowl. When a candle is used magical displays are reflected on the surroundings. This will add luxury to any home or office and will be a perfect gift idea for a wedding, an anniversary or any joyful occasion.


$ 59
Perfection comes in pairs! Here we have Cup Candle Stand Pair, elegantly created by the artisans at Taneez. They have


$ 107
There is a lot that goes into to making useful items stand out. At Taneez they have found a way


$ 17
This piece represents everything Taneez stands for. And that is to contemporize luxury silverware in shape and design, making the craft both usable and decorative. Pakistani craftsmen used solid quality brass and then silver plated by hand to create this one of a kind Deer Candle Stand.  It is the perfect touch for your fireplace to use as a focal point to emphasize its luxurious beauty. Attached to the elegant deer is a holder for a candle and when lid will showcase the silhouette of the deer. This modern statement piece will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion.


$ 73
At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. This Flutter Candle Stand is not an exemption to that rule. It is meant to be a statement piece in any luxury home of office. Quality brass was carefully selected to be silver plated by hand to create this remarkable candle holder. Delicately shaped butterflies are resting on twigs ready to spread their wings and fly. And when the candles are lit, it reveals magical surroundings. This makes it the perfect gift for any occasion or for a corporate giveaway.


$ 72
When the Hanging Candle Holder is lit something magical happens in the air. The reflections from the candle will fill


$ 95
When hosting a delightful dinner for family or friends why not elevate the experience by using Taneez silverware to enhance the ambience? Made by artisans using techniques handed down for generations. A hammering skill was used to give it a modern yet vintage look. For the top elegant detailing was added and for protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. By using the Jalli Candle Stand it will add luxury to any gathering or can be used as a centerpiece at a wedding. It also will make a thoughtful gift idea for any birthday, an anniversary or mother’s day.


$ 132
This is true luxury! Exquisitely made by experienced craftsmen who have learned the silversmithing art from the generations before them. The Jeddah Candle Stand has a nicely detailed rounded base and on top two elegant arms spread out to hold three candle holders. This design is suitable for various styles in luxury homes from classic to contemporary and also well suited to be the centerpiece on the tables at a wedding. The true magic happens when the candles are lit and a soft glow will fill the air. The candle stand will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a birthday, mother’s day or anniversary.