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At Taneez, the collection is bountiful with many exclusive pieces. Every item is by the hands of experienced Pakistani craftsmen, who have learned the silversmithing art from the generations before them. For this is an elegantly detailed oval tray, they have used a delicate silver hammering technique. The 4 Stand Deer Tray Small is held high by the antlers of fierce dears. Whatever the style of the luxury home this piece will blend seamlessly with the surroundings and is sure to invite compliments from family and friends. And if you are looking for a unique gift, look no further. This piece will be the perfect choice for a birthday, an anniversary or a mother’s day.


This silver wear is the missing ingredient to any great dinner party. Impress your guest with this beautiful dish. It is made by Pakistani craftsmen, who learned their skills from the generations before them, the Aliza Dip Dish consists of a low plate and a delicate bowl that both have a cohesive pattern. The sides are adorned with delicate flowers and in the center of those flowers, you will find semi-precious gems called Lapis Lazuli, which has a deep intense blue color. Another beautiful piece from Taneez! The perfect gift idea for family, friends or you can use it for a corporate gift.  


This pair is destining to be the talk of your gracious dinner party. Impress your guest with this Anar Salt/Pepper pair. It is made by Pakistani craftsmen who have learned the silver craft from generations before them.  They have selected quality brass and silver plated that by hand. The salt and pepper are made to look like elegant flower buds ready to open along a stem with intricately detailed leaves. For protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. It is the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a wedding, birthday, anniversary or mother’s day.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique and handmade with a certain charm that


At Taneez, specially selected Pakistani craftsmen created this delightful platter. The piece is made by hand using different techniques that


At Taneez, the little ones are not forgotten. In their extensive collection, there are several items purely intended for babies


Here is such a beautiful cooler you can use anywhere in your home or on the patio. Your drinks will


This is such an extraordinary design that will take your breath away. It takes a combination of dedication and skill


This is yet another gorgeous piece designed and created by Pakistani artisans at Taneez. It has been made with solid quality brass that has been silver plated by hand. Two enchanted flowers intricately detailed are adhered by delicate branches holding it up high. For protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. This enchanted Butter Cup is very versatile and can be used to hold small trinkets, flowery potpourri, delicious snacks or just put it on display. Whatever this is used for it will add exquisiteness to any luxury home or in the office. And like any beautiful statement piece, an impeccable gift idea for any joyous occasion.


There is a lot of dedication that goes into creating a decoration that really stands out. The Pakistani artisans at Taneez have that superior craftsmanship to enable them to design and make such one of a kind bespoke piece.  With this elegant Butterfly Stand, they have used unique techniques to give this stand a rare yet personal touch. Whether you use it as a beautiful piece in your luxury home or on a boardroom table, it will instantly add sophistication and style. This versatile piece will also make for an excellent gift idea for any occasion or for corporate give away