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$ 51
This piece represents everything Taneez stands for. And that is to contemporize luxury silverware in shape and design, making the craft both usable and decorative. For generations, Pakistani artisans have mastered the silversmithing art that made it possible for them to design this Bird Pen Holder. In front is a majestic peacock holding its head high with exquisite detailing. And to resemble its glorious feathers, a delicate silver hammering technique was used with a finishing touch of pearls were added. A space to hold pens is created within the wings.  In the collection is a Pearl Card Holder which makes the perfect combination.  


$ 15
At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out and this all comes together in this lovely Butterfly Pill box. The box itself has elegant detailing that was created by using hammering and etching techniques. And for finishing touch, a butterfly was added on top with open wings, ready to fly. This box can be used in many different ways. What about to hold keepsakes keep jewelry or even small secret love notes? This makes it the perfect gift for any joyful occasion.


$ 13
Bring sleek modern style to your dinner party or elegant get together with family and friends. Made by Pakistani craftsmen who have learned the silversmithing techniques from generations before them, this silver-plated Cutwork Napkin Holder will surely catch the eye of your family and guests.  Specially selected quality brass has been silver plated by hand to make this contemporary piece that has a folded design. The shape is classic combined with a modern cut out pattern that makes this holder suitable in any luxury décor. Another beautiful piece from Taneez! It is the perfect gift idea for any joyful occasion.


$ 47
This piece represents everything Taneez stands for. And that is to contemporize luxury silverware in shape and design, making the craft both usable and decorative. The Feather pen is created by artisans who have selected quality brass and silver plated it by hand. For finer details on the feather, delicate hammering methods were used and an opulent stand was made. This pen will be the perfect accent for guest to sign any guest book at a ceremony or reception. Or maybe add a little nostalgia to a desk by displaying it. And it will be a memorable gift to family or friends at any joyful occasion.


$ 12
This is such a lovely table bell. It has been handcrafted at Taneez by Pakistani artisans who have taken solid brass to silver-plate it delicately by hand. It has a unique style that evokes the charm of days gone by. The bell has a classic shape and for the handle, a bunch of grapes was used for inspiration. For protection, a lacquer coating was applied to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. This Grape Bell is a perfect addition to a luxury home or office. And it makes a great gift for any joyful occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversary or engagement party.


$ 14
Only while using their exceptional craftsmanship, Pakistani artisans were able to create this elegant box. A perfect heart shape, true


$ 24
What creature is more elegant and gracious than a horse? At Taneez, the Pakistani craftsmen have created a beautiful ashtray. They have taken solid quality brass and silver plated by hand to make this such a statement piece. And for protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. It depicts the exquisite face of a horse running with his mane in the wind. This Horse Ashtray can also be used as a sophisticated decor piece and will blend seamlessly in a luxury home or reception area in an office.  And it will be a perfect gift idea for an anniversary, a housewarming or any occasion.


$ 34
The skills and creativity needed to design something this unique Jazz Pencil Glass can be found at Taneez and their Pakistani craftsmen. It is made with solid brass that has been silver plated by hand. They have used bolts and nuts for inspiration to give this a modern twist.  It represents a man playing jazz music on his saxophone. On his side is a holder for pencils that has been created with cut out techniques. This is such an exceptional piece that you can display anywhere in a home. Your guest will certainly be impressed and with the elegant and modern style.  


$ 17
It takes the right experience to take a simple day to day item like a notebook and turn it in an exceptionally elegant piece. When Pakistani artisans were creating this Joting Pad, they had functionality, luxury and uniqueness in mind. The black cover has a silver plated element that has a modern pattern, made by using silver hammering techniques. And as finishing touch a Green Onyx, a semi-precious stone with a deep and rich green color was added in the center. This notepad has a perfect size so you can use it anytime, anywhere. And it will be an excellent choice for a corporate give away.  


$ 19
This is a special piece that perfectly fits in the exceptional selection at Taneez. The Junaid Ashtray is designed and created by Pakistani craftsmen who have learned the silversmithing art from the many generations before them. It is made by silver plating solid brass and adding unique and gorgeous detailing to create a graceful design. The Junaid Ashtray is very versatile and can be used for many purposes besides being an ashtray. It can hold jewellery on a vanity desk, little trinkets or even for a small candy bowl. This makes it an excellent gift idea for any joyful occasions or as corporate giveaways.


$ 22
When hosting a delightful dinner for family or friends why not elevate the experience by using Taneez silverware to enhance the ambience? The shimmering silver shine and ridged texture of these Lily Place Card Holders are sure to catch the eyes of your guests. Pakistani craftsmen have taken quality brass and silver plate it by hand to create this beautiful holder. Small leaves pressed against each other to gracefully hold a card in between. They can also be used to hold pictures or for place cards at a glorious wedding reception. Also perfect as a gift idea for any festive occasion or for corporate give away.