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This gorgeous easel has been created by Pakistani artisans that possess Silversmithing skills that have been handed down for generations. Intricate details are delicately created by using gentle silver hammer methods. And for easy use the stand is collapsible. This Easel Stand Medium can be used to hold decorative plates, family pictures or pieces of art. Its elegance with an accent on the design makes it perfect to use for display throughout the luxury home.  And it will be an excellent choice for a gift for family and friends on any joyful occasion. Or maybe just keep one or two for your own home.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out and this all comes together in this special set. These Egg cup and Spoon can help you make your ordinary eggs look like a luxury delicacy. And why not eat your breakfast like royals? The holders are made of solid brass and silver-plated by the best artisans. They are made to look like open tulips on a gracious stand. And for the spoons, they have the same etched design as the precious eggs cups. Simply beautiful!


This is a single serving spoon with an amazing and modern design. Made with high-quality brass and as finishing it is silver plated done by Pakistani craftsmen using local skills. The spoon is carefully made into the shape of an open flower with curved petals and the handle compliments it in the shape of a flower stem with an elegant leaf. While using this flower server spoon you will create smiles when offering your guests delightful refreshments. It’s a modern twist for an item that can be used every day, yet adding luxury to your home and kitchen.


To really impress your guests during a get together why not use beautiful silverware from the Taneez collection. They have elevated the silversmithing art to be able to create stunning pieces.  For the Kabab Spoon, the best quality brass was selected and gently silver plated by hand. A delicate cut out method was used to accentuate its design. And for the handle, a simple design was chosen. Perfect to serve individual delicious snack on the spoon or can be used as a serving spoon. This will be an excellent gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or for mother’s day.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. This Pewter Stand Big is great to display beautiful decorative plates, hold gorgeous pictures or small artworks. It has an elegant design and is foldable to make it easier to store when not in use and for protection a layer of lacquer was applied to prevent tarnishing or oxidation. As the stand can be used anywhere in an elegant home or a sophisticated office it will make for an excellent gift idea for any joyful occasion.


Taneez is in an integral part of preserving the silversmithing art. Their Pakistani artisans are continuing the tradition handed down to them. With this Serving Spoon set, they have designed a beautiful creation. Smooth ladles that continue to the handles which represent flower buds that have yet to bloom with one elegant flower. In its heart, you will find a semi-precious stone called Lapis Lazuli, which has a very intense blue color. This is such an exceptional set that you can use at any gathering with family or friends. They will certainly be impressed and with the elegant and modern style.


There is a lot of expertise needed to imagine a statement piece that stands out. The Pakistani artisans at Taneez have that superior craftsmanship that enables them to design such a beautiful creation. The Sunflower Server is just that, exquisite! It is made by selecting high-quality brass to be delicately silver plated by hand. The bowl of the spoon symbolizes an open sunflower facing the sky. While the handle represents de stem with intricately detailed leaves. When used at an elegant get together with family and friends, it will surely invite compliments. This will make for an unforgettable gift for a housewarming, an anniversary or a wedding.