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To really impress your guests during a get together why not use beautiful silverware from the Taneez collection. They have elevated the silversmithing art to be able to create stunning pieces.  For the Kabab Spoon, the best quality brass was selected and gently silver plated by hand. A delicate cut out method was used to accentuate its design. And for the handle, a simple design was chosen. Perfect to serve individual delicious snack on the spoon or can be used as a serving spoon. This will be an excellent gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or for mother’s day.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. This Pewter Stand Big is great to display beautiful decorative plates, hold gorgeous pictures or small artworks. It has an elegant design and is foldable to make it easier to store when not in use and for protection a layer of lacquer was applied to prevent tarnishing or oxidation. As the stand can be used anywhere in an elegant home or a sophisticated office it will make for an excellent gift idea for any joyful occasion.