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If you are planning a delightful and pleasant meal for family and friends and like to impress your guests, you can add luxury by using this spoon set. Two absolutely gorgeous pieces of silverware that are made by Pakistani craftsmen while using ancient old techniques that have been handed down generations. Only quality brass is used and that is silver plated by hand. To prevent oxidation and tarnishing a coat of lacquer is applied. With an exquisite embossing and etching pattern and cut out parts these spoons are one of a kind. The handles of both have the same detailed classic design.


The heart of Taneez is the idea to contemporize silverware in shape and design to make the craft usable and decorative. This Baby Set 3 pcs is a perfect example. It has a small cup on a stand that has a rounded edge, a delicate spoon with the perfect size and a decorated large ring. Adorable bears that are made by hand are adorning all of the items. Made with the utmost care and safety being the first priority, this set has no sharp edges and is safe to use even for the smallest children. It is the perfect gift to give new parents who are celebrating a new life.


The concept at Taneez is to contemporize the silversmithing art in shape and design to make useful and decorative luxury pieces. And this Cheese Knife is no exemption. To start, quality brass has been selected to be delicately silver-plated by hand. The knife has the shape of a mouse with a curly tail as a handle. This unique design makes it a sure conversation starter at any gathering with family and friends It will make for an unforgettable present for a housewarming, a wedding or even for a corporate give away. You can also just keep it for yourself to enjoy.


This gorgeous easel has been created by Pakistani artisans that possess Silversmithing skills that have been handed down for generations. Intricate details are delicately created by using gentle silver hammer methods. And for easy use the stand is collapsible. This Easel Stand Medium can be used to hold decorative plates, family pictures or pieces of art. Its elegance with an accent on the design makes it perfect to use for display throughout the luxury home.  And it will be an excellent choice for a gift for family and friends on any joyful occasion. Or maybe just keep one or two for your own home.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out and this all comes together in this special set. These Egg cup and Spoon can help you make your ordinary eggs look like a luxury delicacy. And why not eat your breakfast like royals? The holders are made of solid brass and silver-plated by the best artisans. They are made to look like open tulips on a gracious stand. And for the spoons, they have the same etched design as the precious eggs cups. Simply beautiful!


Sometimes you find something so remarkable and unique you are amazed. There is one piece in the extensive collection at Taneez that stands out and was designed by the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen. The Fan Big is stunning. It is made by selecting the best quality brass to be silver plated. The fan has a beautiful cutout pattern in its center a brown Agate gemstone. As an added touch the top is adorned with a proud peacock bowing its head in admiration. This is truly an extraordinary and unforgettable gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any joyful occasion.


This silver wear is the missing ingredient to any great dinner party. Impress your guest with these beautiful serving spoons. Made by Pakistani craftsmen, who learned their skills from the generations before them, these Fish and Duck Spoon are astonishing. At first, the best quality brass was selected and then carefully silver plating by hand. With a beautiful embossing and etching pattern and cut out parts these spoons are exquisite and the handles of both have the same detailed classic design. One is shaped into an elegant fish and the other has a duck image with her head gently tucked in. Truly unique!


This is a single serving spoon with an amazing and modern design. Made with high-quality brass and as finishing it is silver plated done by Pakistani craftsmen using local skills. The spoon is carefully made into the shape of an open flower with curved petals and the handle compliments it in the shape of a flower stem with an elegant leaf. While using this flower server spoon you will create smiles when offering your guests delightful refreshments. It’s a modern twist for an item that can be used every day, yet adding luxury to your home and kitchen.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out and this all comes together in this set. The handle represents flower buds that yet have to bloom with one elegant flower in the centre with a semi-precious stone called Lapis Lazuli, which has a very intense blue colour. And for the remaining serving part, they have used hand hammering techniques which makes this a modern luxurious piece. This Flower Spoon set fits perfectly into each other so easy to use for serving delicious meals to family and friends.


This is such a lovely table bell. It has been handcrafted at Taneez by Pakistani artisans who have taken solid brass to silver-plate it delicately by hand. It has a unique style that evokes the charm of days gone by. The bell has a classic shape and for the handle, a bunch of grapes was used for inspiration. For protection, a lacquer coating was applied to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. This Grape Bell is a perfect addition to a luxury home or office. And it makes a great gift for any joyful occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversary or engagement party.


Whoever said that cake serving silverware was boring is wrong. Here is an elegantly decorated cake server made by Pakistani craftsmen that learned the silverware trade from the generations before them. The Jasmin spoon is made with a flat silver-plated part and the handle is adorned with a beautiful flower with open petals. Inside the flower, you will see a semi-precious gem called, Lapis Lazuli which has an intense blue colour favoured by many artists during the century. The rest of the handle of the Jasmine Spoon had a design of yet to open flower buds. Pure elegance with a modern twist.