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It takes the right experience to take a simple day to day item like a notebook and turn it in an exceptionally elegant piece. When Pakistani artisans were creating this Joting Pad, they had functionality, luxury and uniqueness in mind. The black cover has a silver plated element that has a modern pattern, made by using silver hammering techniques. And as finishing touch a Green Onyx, a semi-precious stone with a deep and rich green color was added in the center. This notepad has a perfect size so you can use it anytime, anywhere. And it will be an excellent choice for a corporate give away.  


When hosting a delightful dinner for family or friends why not elevate the experience by using Taneez silverware to enhance the ambience? The shimmering silver shine and ridged texture of these Lily Place Card Holders are sure to catch the eyes of your guests. Pakistani craftsmen have taken quality brass and silver plate it by hand to create this beautiful holder. Small leaves pressed against each other to gracefully hold a card in between. They can also be used to hold pictures or for place cards at a glorious wedding reception. Also perfect as a gift idea for any festive occasion or for corporate give away.


This holder was created by Pakistani artisans who have used silversmithing techniques that have been perfected through generations before. There are two gracious peacocks with a beautiful array of feathers that have been created by using a delicate silver hammering technique. Adorned with pearls on both sides it creates a space to display cards. And to protect its beauty a lacquer coating was applied to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. The Pearl Bird Card Holder will instantly add luxury to a home or office and will make for an excellent choice for a gift at either a joyful occasion or as corporate give away.  


This piece represents everything Taneez stands for. And that is to contemporize luxury silverware in shape and design, making the craft both usable and decorative. For generations, Pakistani artisans have mastered the silversmithing art that made it possible for them to design this Pearl Card Holder. In front is a majestic peacock holding its head high with exquisite detailing. And to resemble its glorious feathers, a delicate silver hammering technique was used and as finishing touch, pearls were added. A space to display card is created within the wings. This is a perfect gift idea for a birthday, mother’s day or a corporate giveaway.


This set will make every office a luxurious and elegant place to work. All made using the same craftsmanship to create a uniform look to add luxury to any desk or office. The Sabir Office Set has a circular pencil holder, a notepaper holder with an open front for easy access and a delicate square box. Made in Pakistan, the outer part of all three items is silver plated by hand and adorned with a semi-precious stone, a gem called a green Onyx. This gem represents growth, abundance and material success. This makes it a perfect corporate gift or for any celebration in a business setting.


The Zaki Cardholder is part of the luxury desk selection that Taneez offers for office use. The holder is made by Pakistani craftsmen using skills learned over generations. High-quality brass had been silver plated and decorated by hand. Shaped in a fold like a manner, it can fit several business cards at one time. Beautiful polished with a refined style. In front, you will find the semi-precious stone green Onyx. This gem represents growth, abundance and material success. This makes it a perfect gift for any celebration in corporate life. The Zaki Card Holder will look great on any desk.