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It takes the right experience to take a simple day to day item like a notebook and turn it in an exceptionally elegant piece. When Pakistani artisans were creating this Joting Pad, they had functionality, luxury and uniqueness in mind. The black cover has a silver plated element that has a modern pattern, made by using silver hammering techniques. And as finishing touch a Green Onyx, a semi-precious stone with a deep and rich green color was added in the center. This notepad has a perfect size so you can use it anytime, anywhere. And it will be an excellent choice for a corporate give away.  


This set will make every office a luxurious and elegant place to work. All made using the same craftsmanship to create a uniform look to add luxury to any desk or office. The Sabir Office Set has a circular pencil holder, a notepaper holder with an open front for easy access and a delicate square box. Made in Pakistan, the outer part of all three items is silver plated by hand and adorned with a semi-precious stone, a gem called a green Onyx. This gem represents growth, abundance and material success. This makes it a perfect corporate gift or for any celebration in a business setting.