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The concept at Taneez is to contemporize the silversmithing art in shape and design to make usable and ornamental luxury items. Pakistani artisans have created this Bismillah Ul Rahman Rahim / Stone by choosing solid brass and silver plating this by hand. It is made to resemble a stroll with intricate calligraphy. And to complete this piece, a semi-precious stone, brown Agate was added at the base. This stunning piece is sure to invite compliments from friends and family when displayed in a luxury home.  The shape gives it a modern twist and that makes this the perfect gift for any occasion or for a corporate giveaway.


When the Hanging Candle Holder is lit something magical happens in the air. The reflections from the candle will fill the room with unique displays. Made by Pakistani craftsmen who have perfected the Silversmithing art for generations. They have created this by first selecting solid quality brass and carefully silver plating it by hand. Triangular in shape with a sufficient opening to put a candle. The sides have lovely cutout areas that accentuate its exquisite design. Wherever this candle is hung, instant richness is added to its surroundings, may it be in or outdoors. A lacquer layer was applied to protect against tarnishing and oxidation.