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To truly impress your guests during a get together why not use beautiful silverware from the Taneez collection? They have elevated the silversmithing art to create stunning pieces. For the Zakir Salad Server, quality brass was selected to be silver-plated by hand. This two piece serving set has such elegant details that have been created by an etching technique. The shape has a modern and unique design that it will fit in any luxury home. Perfect for serving delicious salads at a wonderful get together with family and friends. And it will make a thoughtful gift idea for any birthday, a wedding or mother`s day or just a present for yourself, you deserve it!


At Taneez, the collection is bountiful with many exclusive pieces. Every item is by the hands of experienced Pakistani craftsmen, who have learned the silversmithing art from the generations before them. For the Allah plate, an elegant pattern was delicately embossed by hand. On the side, a semi-precious stone called green onyx was added. As added protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. This Plate will add beauty to any luxury home or corporate office and is a kind gift for any occasion. There is also a Muhammad plate in the collection, a perfect combination.


Silver Plated Tray Encrusted With Chunky Pieces Of Blue Lapis Coloured Stones On Both Sides. A Piece Of True Art Captured In A Small Tray Balancing The Right Proportion Of Cutwork And Embossed Pattern Potraying Beauty At Its Best. Stones Color May Differ As Shown In Picture.


With the candle lit, and the flame dancing, what a pretty picture this makes! Marble Candle Stand One of our best selling items, we have been unable to stop producing this candle stand, it is a joy to behold! Weight: 978 grams. TBA


This majestic animal will be an exquisite addition to any luxury home. It has been made with love by Pakistani artisans who have created this stand by taking solid quality brass and silver plating it delicately by hand. This Horse stands proudly on a plateau and has his riding saddle mounted. Details were added by using silver hammering techniques. A Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious gemstone, adorns the front of the horse. Place this Horse Stand in your home or office and complement your decor with a touch of exquisiteness. And if you like to impress your family and friends, this will be the ultimate gift idea for any joyful occasion.