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There are moments when you notice something so stunning that it takes your breath away. The extensive collection at Taneez has these pieces. Made by Pakistani craftsmen that have inhered the knowledge and skills to create amazing articles. This Afshan Vase started as special selected solid quality brass that was skillfully silver-plated by hand. It stands tall and proud with a unique pattern. On both sides, elegant peacocks are resting on perches. This sophisticated piece can be displayed in any area of a luxury home. Or to be used as a finishing touch for an impeccable table decoration at a wedding. Wherever placed it is sure to spark conversations!


The skills and creativity needed to design this unique Aisha Candle Holder can be found at Taneez and their Pakistani craftsmen. Made with solid brass that has been silver plated by hand. A beautiful pattern has been created by using a delicate hammering method and to accentuate the intricate vines going up, inner parts were cut out. When this romantic candle is lit, the surroundings will have an eye-catching display of shadows. This makes it the perfect addition to a poetic dinner, as a centerpiece at a romantic wedding or in a beautiful luxury home. And you know, some gorgeous pieces are better in pairs. TBA


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. With this Ali Plate, they stay true to that concept. Specially selected solid brass is delicately silver-plated by hand. Subsequently, the unique pattern was created by using various specialized techniques. To elevate it to true luxury a gemstone adorns the base. For added protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. Wherever this will be placed, it is sure to add opulence to any area of a home or corporate office.


At Taneez, the collection is bountiful with many exclusive pieces. Every item is by the hands of experienced Pakistani craftsmen, who have learned the silversmithing art from the generations before them. For the Allah plate, an elegant pattern was delicately embossed by hand. On the side, a semi-precious stone called green onyx was added. As added protection, a coating of lacquer has been applied to prevent oxidations and tarnishing. This Plate will add beauty to any luxury home or corporate office and is a kind gift for any occasion. There is also a Muhammad plate in the collection, a perfect combination.


Silver Plated Tray Encrusted With Chunky Pieces Of Blue Lapis Coloured Stones On Both Sides. A Piece Of True Art Captured In A Small Tray Balancing The Right Proportion Of Cutwork And Embossed Pattern Potraying Beauty At Its Best. Stones Color May Differ As Shown In Picture.