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This majestic animal will be an exquisite addition to any luxury home. It has been made with love by Pakistani artisans who have created this stand by taking solid quality brass and silver plating it delicately by hand. This Horse stands proudly on a plateau and has his riding saddle mounted. Details were added by using silver hammering techniques. A Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious gemstone, adorns the front of the horse. Place this Horse Stand in your home or office and complement your decor with a touch of exquisiteness. And if you like to impress your family and friends, this will be the ultimate gift idea for any joyful occasion.


This regal handcrafted pair of peacock is an art statement for any space, our craftsmen have taken quality brass, hammered, etched this with heart and soul to add instant luxurious feel in your home or office. It took us days to make such intricate pieces but all worth it for this beauty. A coat of lacquer was applied to protect against tarnishing. TBA Handmade in Pakistan of mixed metals and silver electroplated. XBOX 14.25x10.25x5 Product measurement-Lx11Wx4Hx5 Item measurement-Lx10.3Wx4Hx5.5


Horses are such majestic animals that deserve a graceful statue. At Taneez, Pakistani artisans have honoured this by creating this unique and sophisticated statement piece. It is made by using solid quality brass that has been silver plated by hand. a beautifully detailed equine with the mane flowing gently in the wind and the tail up high. It is mounted on a layered wooden foot to elevate it to higher levels. This is a priceless addition to any luxury home or in an office. And it is an impressive and unforgettable gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any joyful occasion.


This Dolphin bell is a unique handmade art piece with a cewrtain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftmen can bring out. It is an opulence to any luxury.