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Strasbourg Bali-M EHP-1 F

Pipe Balli Taxture Double Twist WireSilver Polish


A beautiful 100 bead Tasbeeh named after the arabic name Hoorab meaning Women of heaven, with its white beads signifying the true purity of prayer.

Stains Bali-S EHP-1 E

Pipe Cut Balli Silver Polish

Seine-et-Marne Bali-M EHP-1 B

Pipe Balli Plain Bowl Twist Double Wire Silver Polish

Savoie Bali-M EHP-1 A

Pipe Balli Double Twist Silver Polish


Agate 33 beads Tasbeeh


Black Crystal 100 Beads Tasbeeh

Amiens Bands-20 RB2-1 A

Half Round curved band Single Stone Chandi Polish

Alpha Bands-20 RB1-1 A

Plain Sadabai curved band Chandi Polish

Agde Studded Rings-8 RS-1 C

Ring Double Heart silver and white zircones Rhodium Polish

Abbeville Studded Rings-14 RS-1 C

V Ring Zircon Amethys center stone silver with white zircones Rhodium Polish