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This startlingly tall Afshan Vase , with two peacocks, perched on either side, and an amazing Naqsheen, a traditional embellishment, is easily a run away design, will light up a corner!


Some beautiful pieces are better in pairs. Pakistani artisans created this couple to complement each other. The Alexander Horse pair is made by silver plating solid quality brass. The exquisite detailing was added by hand with a hammering technique. And to keep from tarnishing a protective lacquer layer was applied. There are a few interpretations of what these equines are doing. Playing, courting or even showing each other their strength, it`s all in your imagination. Instant luxury is added when displaying this in a home or executive office. And it will be an excellent gift idea for any joyful celebration or as a corporate give away.


At Taneez, specially selected Pakistani craftsmen created this delightful platter. The piece is made by hand using different techniques that have been handed down via generations of silversmiths. The Ayaan Platter has a square shape with heightened edges. And to make this a true statement piece, golden colored flowering branches were added. And in the center a Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue gemstone was added. This is sure to invite compliment from family and friends when serving delicious snacks at any gathering. Or it can be used to display potpourri to fill the air with flowery scents. When placed in a home or office, luxury is added instantly. The platter will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a birthday, mother’s day, a wedding or an anniversary.


Here is a modern and elegant serving dish made by the Pakistani craftsmen at Taneez.  By using the techniques handed down generations, they have created the Chutney Miriam set. A silver-plated oval tray is delicately detailed using the same design as the two delightful little bowls. All the edges are elegantly curved. And to prevent oxidation and tarnishing a coat of lacquer is applied. This set is so versatile. It will impress guests at a dinner party you are hosting or maybe on your vanity table to hold your jewelry? It will even make a thoughtful gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a mother’s day.


Taneez plays an important part in preserving the silversmithing tradition in Pakistan. Their craftsmen have the perfect combination of experience, love and dedication to the art to enables them to create this astonishing Danish Tray.  An intricate pattern was achieved by gently hammering swirls and for the trim, a cut-out technique was used to accentuate the pattern. And to elevate this piece to true opulence, both sides are adorned with semi-precious stones. The gemstone green onyx has an intense color that supplements this statement piece. It is an excellent gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or for mother’s day.  


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. With this Fan Platter, they stay true to that concept. Made into an unusual fan shape this is a real eye-catcher. The basin has a repetitive pattern that has been created by using a delicate hammering method. To elevate his creation to true luxury, on one side a golden flower with a butterfly trying to reach it adorns this piece. Wherever this platter is placed, may it be a luxury home or successful office, instant exquisiteness is added.


Horses are such majestic animals that deserve a graceful statue. At Taneez, Pakistani artisans have honoured this by creating this unique and sophisticated statement piece. It is made by using solid quality brass that has been silver plated by hand. a beautifully detailed equine with the mane flowing gently in the wind and the tail up high. It is mounted on a layered wooden foot to elevate it to higher levels. This is a priceless addition to any luxury home or in an office. And it is an impressive and unforgettable gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any joyful occasion.


To really impress your guests during a get together why not use beautiful silverware from the Taneez collection. They have elevated the silversmithing art to be able to create stunning pieces.  For the Kabab Spoon, the best quality brass was selected and gently silver plated by hand. A delicate cut out method was used to accentuate its design. And for the handle, a simple design was chosen. Perfect to serve individual delicious snack on the spoon or can be used as a serving spoon. This will be an excellent gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or for mother’s day.


It takes true dedication and love for the silversmithing art to be able to create the stunning pieces that are in the Taneez extensive collection. Their craftsmen have created this Laleh Tray by using the experience learned from the many generations before them. At first, the best quality brass was collected to be delicately silver-plated by hand. This tray has an intricate pattern that is created by using several silversmithing methods. It is perfect to display fruit or candles and it will fit seamlessly in any luxury home or corporate office. So, no need to look any further for a perfect gift idea for any joyful occasion.