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This ashtray has been created by Pakistani artisans who have learned the Silversmithing art from the generations before them. The base metal is solid quality brass that they have skillfully silver plated by hand. For the delicate detailing a hammering method was used to form this unique and elegant pattern. The Rio Ashtray is true beauty and will adorn any area in the house where it is used. And to protect against tarnishing and oxidation a layer of lacquer was applied. The shape gives in a modern twist on a classic design and the perfect gift that complete any home decor. TBA


At Taneez they are proud to be able to preserve the ancient old silversmithing art that has been perfected for generations. The heart and soul that the Pakistani artisans pour in their designs are remarkable. For the Nasreen bowl, they have taken an everyday piece to make it remarkable. The basin has an intricate pattern that was achieved by using a delicate hammering technique. The edges are smoothly rounded and to make this a unique piece, a double leaf was added on the corner of the bowl. This piece will add beauty to any luxury home or corporate office and is a kind gift for any occasion.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique, handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. This Muhammad Plate is no exemption to that rule. It is meant to be a statement piece in any luxury home. First, quality brass was selected to be silver plated by hand followed by embossing a unique design. As finishing touch a green onyx gemstone adorns the plate. Made easy to hang, this plate will instantly beautify its surroundings and it will make a thoughtful gift for any occasion or corporate give away.