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The collection of the elegant silverware items at Taneex is extensive. All made by Pakistani craftsmen that have the perfect blend of experience and dedication. The Tweety Cake Stand is the perfect place to display delicious snacks. And during an elegant get-together, this piece is sure to attract compliments from family and friends. There are two layers which will add a dimension to a luxury table setting and on top, an elegant bird keeps an eye on things. being a very versatile piece, it will make the perfect gift idea for any occasion like a birthday, mother’s day, a wedding or an anniversary. TBA Dim L


This is vase handcrafted by Pakistani artisans using generation old techniques. Delicately created, the Urn Vase has intricate detailing. At the lower part, you will find a perfectly rounded white marble ball and at the front part is a semi-precious stone called Lapis Lazuli. This is gem so dazzling it was preferred for antiquity by many artists for its intense blue color. All of Taneez handmade products have been given a coating of lacquer to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Designed to be used as a home décor for adding luxury to any home by putting flowers or just in its own beauty to display.


Zaki vase, named after the Pakistani craftsman who created it, it has handles on the two sides, and a tile motif to enhance its beauty! Weight: 1570 grams. TBA


The finest craftsmanship and the most modern design principles are at the heart of all Taneez products. Their craftsmen have learned the craft from the generations that came before them. And this fused with love and pure dedication gives them the ability to create stunning pieces. Here is the Zakir Bowl Medium with an intricate pattern. It almost looks like flowers caught in a storm, bending to the side. Such a versatile piece makes a perfect gift for any joyful celebration or for a corporate give away. And this bowl has added protection through an applied layer of lacquer to prevent tarnishing and oxidation. TBA