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Add sophistication to your luxury home by using the remarkable pieces in the extensive collection at Taneez. The Pakistani craftsmen have the right experience to be able to create this Taxila vase. Quality solid brass was selected and carefully silver-plated by hand. The vase has a modern yet classic pattern that will seamlessly fit into any luxury home. Instant luxury is added wherever this vase is on display whether it holds an abundant and fragrant flower bouquet or just in its own beauty. And the unique shape gives it a modern twist and that makes this the perfect gift for any occasion or for a corporate giveaway.


At Taneez, the finest craftsmanship meets modern designs. It has to be unique and handmade with a certain charm that only the most experienced Pakistani craftsmen can bring out. This all comes together in this statement piece. Solid brass was selected and silver plated by hand. This elegant Aristocrat Jug is finely detailed by using a delicate hammering technique. The design of the handle adds sophistication to this jug. For protection, a coating of lacquer was applied to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. By using jug it will instantly add opulence to any home or office. And it will make an excellent gift idea for a festive celebration.


Some beautiful pieces are better in pairs. Pakistani artisans created this couple to complement each other. The Alexander Horse pair is made by silver plating solid quality brass. The exquisite detailing was added by hand with a hammering technique. And to keep from tarnishing a protective lacquer layer was applied. There are a few interpretations of what these equines are doing. Playing, courting or even showing each other their strength, it`s all in your imagination. Instant luxury is added when displaying this in a home or executive office. And it will be an excellent gift idea for any joyful celebration or as a corporate give away.


This is such an extraordinary design that will take your breath away. Created by Pakistani artisans using the silversmithing art that has been handed down from generation to generation. The Jami Flower Pot is made by selecting the best quality brass to be silver plated. A pattern was created by using a gentle hammering technique. On the side, you will find a golden branch with graceful flowers growing towards the sun. This piece will instantly add opulence to its surroundings, whether it is a luxury home or an executive office. This will be the perfect gift at any joyful moment.